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Manuel Zwerger / ONE SIZE - OVERSIZE

Composer Manuel Zwerger (*1992, Bolzano, Italy) presents an innovative composition that pushes the boundaries of musical expression. In this unique piece, three electric guitars take center stage, but they are not played conventionally. Instead, they are connected to a single performer by fishing lines, transforming them into one large meta-guitar.


As the performer bows the fishing lines with a violin bow, the strings of the guitars resonate, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly sonic landscape. This unconventional approach highlights Zwerger's artistic vision and his exploration of new sonic possibilities.


Zwerger's score is a demonstration of his meticulous craftsmanship, with complex structures, intricate rhythms, and detailed instructions. His reputation as one of the most precise composers of his generation is well deserved, and his name is set to become synonymous with innovation and creativity.


Beyond his musical endeavors, Zwerger's compositional interests extend into the realms of performance and installation art. His work bridges the gap between music and visual elements, without subordinating one to the other. Instead, they coexist to creat an immersive and multi-sensory experience.


In his compositions, Zwerger explores the socio-aesthetic potential of our media-driven society. He explores intermedia concepts, incorporating theatrical and performative elements that challenge traditional notions of art. By drawing inspiration from everyday life, pop culture, anti-art, current trends, and science, Zwerger offers a fresh perspective on the act of making music and producing sound. Prepared instruments and new media play a significant role in Zwerger's artistic toolkit. By expanding the possibilities of traditional instruments through preparations and by the use cutting-edge technology, he pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration even further.

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