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Vinko Globokar / Rêve énigmatique No. 135

Vinko Globokar's "Rêve énigmatique No. 135", an impressive late work by the Slovenian composer, marked the beginning of the HOAX Quartet's history in 2017. During the rehearsal phase, the HOAX Quartet had the opportunity to work on the piece with the composer himself, giving them an in-depth look behind the scenes of the piece. Globokar demanded everything from the four young musicians.


The play takes the story of Samson and Delilah and uses it as a metaphor for the loss of "superpowers." It is important to note that Globokar himself was a renowned trombonist, but was unable to perform due to a brain stroke. This composition became his first work after this painful loss and serves as an expression of his personal experiences and feelings.


"Rêve énigmatique No. 135" goes far beyond traditional musical boundaries. The musicians are asked to play their instruments to their extreme limits, using full physical energy. Whispering, singing and shouting are integral parts of the performance, enhancing the emotional expression and immersing the audience in an intense and powerful sound space. In addition to traditional instruments, additional objects such as a rope, a whistle and a bottleneck are used to create unconventional sounds and expand the sound palette. This underscores the experimental nature of Globokar's composition and his willingness to push the boundaries of musical expression.


"Rêve énigmatique No. 135" is a haunting work that expresses the composer's pain, frustration and anger at the loss of his abilities. By linking it to the story of Samson and Delilah, the emotional intensity is heightened. The story of Samson, who has his hair cut off and thus loses his supernatural powers, serves as a powerful metaphor for personal loss and the search for a new path of artistic expression. This extraordinary composition requires from the musicians not only technical virtuosity, but also a profound emotional devotion. "Rêve énigmatique No. 135" is a sonic journey into the depths of human experience and an impressive testament to music's ability to communicate feelings and thoughts in a unique and moving way.

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